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September 5, 2018

Syndicate No. 04 Bottle Release

We’re proud to carry on the tradition of the Syndicate Series. Each Syndicate release is a unique blend of strong beers that have been aged in American spirits barrels for no less than twelve months. We recommend aging Syndicate Ale for at least six months, as it will age gracefully for years in your cellar, revealing new flavors over time. Allow it to warm up to 50-55° to fully release its complex character and aromas.

We’ve bottled Syndicate 04 for our 21st Anniversary Celebration and have 22oz bottles available to go in our taproom! We also have aged bottles of Syndicate 02 for purchase to go. Come and get em!

Here’s a recap of the series:


Syndicate Series No. 01 is a blend of six strong ales matured in American bourbon barrels ranging from 12 to 24 months. It’s rich with aromas of bourbon, vanilla bean and dark fruit, with complex flavors of burnt caramel, leather, spice, coconut, and toasted oak.

ABV: 10.5%
Style: Barrel-Aged Vintage Ale
Availability:  Limited / Out of production

Blended on October 20th, 2013

  • Old Godfather Barleywine Ale – 51% of blend (Aged 26 months)
  • Black Hand Chocolate Milk Stout (Volume 1) – 15% of blend (Imperial Stout aged 13 months)
  • Two Minutes to Midnight – 14% of blend (Imperial Stout aged 12 months)
  • Betrayal Imperial Red Ale– 11% of blend (Aged 12 months)
  • Double Daddy Imperial IPA – 5% of blend (Aged 12 months)
  • Payback Porter – 3% of blend (Aged 18 months)


Syndicate Series No. 02 is a blend of five strong ales matured between 15-28 months in various bourbon barrels. The final brew is full-bodied and complex with notes of bitter cocoa, candied fruits, vanilla-infused creme brûlée, earthy tobacco, and a muted bourbon finish.

ABV: 10.5%
Style: Barrel-Aged Vintage Ale
Availability: Limited / Out of production

Blended on June 7th, 2014

  • Black Hand Chocolate Milk Stout (Volume 1) – 38% of blend (Imperial Stout aged 20 months)
  • Scarface Imperial Stout – 25% of blend (Aged 15 months)
  • Old Godfather Barleywine Ale – 20% of blend (Aged 15 months)
  • Two Minutes to Midnight – 14% of blend (Imperial Stout aged 28 months)
  • SSSSHH – 3% of blend (Experimental ale aged indefinitely)


Syndicate Series No. 03 pours black as night with a golden brown head. Aromas of vanilla, coffee, oak, molasses, licorice, dark chocolate, and toffee, rise from the glass. Upon first sip, chocolate and coffee flavors continue to build, coalescing with raisins, dates, currants, a touch of black pepper, and tobacco. This beer is dessert, reminiscent of rum cake and tiramisu, but it’s not overly sweet. It’s balanced, creamy, and medium to full bodied.

ABV: 10.5%
Style: Barrel-Aged Vintage Ale
Availability:  Limited / Out of production

Blended on November 19th, 2015

  • Scarface Imperial Stout – 46% of blend (Aged 13 months)
  • Black Hand Chocolate Milk Stout – 18% of blend (Aged 37 months)
  • Experimental Stout II – 12% of blend (Aged 20 months) 
  • Experimental Stout III – 11% of blend (Aged 19 months)
  • Imperial Payback Porter – 10% of blend (Aged 19 months)
  • Scarface Imperial Stout with Philz Coffee – 2% of blend (Aged 13 months)
  • Joe’s Ale of Strength – 1% of blend (Old Ale aged 18 months)


Syndicate Series No. 04 is a blend of beers that have been aged for no less than one year in bourbon barrels. Syndicate No. 04 pours dark with heavy tobacco, leather, chocolate, and vanilla notes. As well as dark fruit and hints of coffee. This beer clocks in at over 10% ABV but is smoothed over by the long aging time.

ABV: 10%
Style: Barrel-Aged Vintage Ale
Availability:  Limited

Blended in January & August 2018

  • Scarface Imperial Stout (44%)-Imperial Stout Aged 22 Months
  • Fixed Fight Old Ale (22%)- Barrel Aged Old Ale Aged 20 Months
  • Scarface Imperial Stout (11%)- Imperial Stout Aged 23 Months
  • Betrayal (11%)- Imperial Red Ale Aged 50 Months
  • Old Godfather (11%)- Barley Wine Aged 48 Months